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Regionally grown produce

The seasons change and so do the offerings in Pastaworks produce rack. Come in to see what's fresh!

Depending on the season, Pastaworks features fresh vegetables, fruits and grains from throughout the State. At any one time you'll see products from many of the following Oregon farms.

Viridian Farms (Dayton): Herbs, onions,chicories, beets and peppers (including Padron).
De Nobles Farm Organics (Tillamook):Artichokes.
Groundwork Organics (Junction City): Mesclun mix, spinach, tomatoes and cabbage.
Walnut Hill Farm Organics (Central Point): Lettuces.
Your Backyard Farmers (Portland): Radicchio.
Kiyokawa Orchards (Hood River): Gravenstein and Tokyo Rose apples, Asian and Red Bartlett pears.
Hood River Organics (Hood River): Mushrooms.

Roman Garlic Anchovy Salad Dressing

Yes, its time for the annual roll out of Peters favorite salad dressing. Intended to accompany Puntarelle (Catalan Chicory) or other fresh, bitter greens of choice, this dressing applies to any salad in which you might wish to find anchovies. You might even consider using it as the dipping sauce for artichoke leaves.

3 whole salt packed anchovies, or 3 tbs. anchovy fillets (Salt packed anchovies require more work but taste best. At all costs avoid anchovy paste.)
cup plus 2 tsp. red wine vinegar
2-3 garlic cloves, peeled
cup extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground black pepper
Sea Salt (if necessary)
Chicory or salad green of choice

Marinate the whole salt packed anchovies in cup red wine vinegar for 6 hours. Drain, rinse and de-bone. Or, marinate the anchovy fillets in cup red wine vinegar for 1-2 hours. Drain and anchovies and pat dry with paper towels.

From the Butcher Shop

The quality of Oregon produce is matched by the quality of Oregon meats. The Hawthorne store carries pork from Payne Family Farm and beef from Laney Family Farms.

The Hawthorne Butcher Shop staff works with beef primal quarters and whole pigs. All ground beef is made in-house.

Most of Pastaworks' house made products are based on these regionally produced meats.
Spicy Italian sausages (Pork)
Northern Italian style sausages {Pork, with rosemary)
Bratwurst (Pork and Veal)
Chorizo (Pork)
French Garlic (Pork)
Merguez (Lamb)
Italian Style Chicken
Saffron Chicken

Chicken Liver Pate
Duck Confit

Chicken Liver Mousse
Pt de Campagna
Pt Gradmere
Olive Loaf
Wild Boar Terrine
Venison Terrine
Rabbit Terrine
Head Cheese

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